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The largest diesel bus conversion.... the smallest pop-up camper. One thing all Recreation Vehicles have in common is that they are all basically a house.... on wheels!

Being a house on wheels results in many unusual challenges and problems. After all, your house appliances and systems require regular maintenance- as does your car or truck, yet your house doesn't have to bounce over the highways, and your car might be a bit cramped to live in!

The appliances and systems in your RV also have many more problems to overcome. Your "home away from home" (or, for a full timer, your home), might start out the day in 100° weather, yet end up the day below freezing, all the while, the refrigerator is expected to keep your food cold, the heating and air conditioning keep you comfortable, you should have hot and cold running water, lights, and be able to cook a meal from chuck wagon style to gourmet.

Like your home appliances and vehicles, Recreation Vehicles needs regular maintenance. The best way to make certain you perform the correct maintenance when needed, is to take each owners manual you have (if you are missing some, look at our owners manual section ), there will nearly always be a scheduled maintenance page in it. Take all of those pages, copy them, and put them together in a single notebook. Now you have an easy reminder of what needs to be done, and when.

Of course, with every mechanical contraption, sooner or later, something will malfunction. When it does, look at our section of service manuals- even if you don't want to repair it yourself, it should give you an idea of what is wrong (also look at the troubleshooting sections- many problems are caused by a lack of maintenance).

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