My basic troubleshooting theory is that you need to understand how a system works before you can determine why it isn't working.. So.. I am writing these pages split into "Theory of operation" (how it is supposed to work), and "Troubleshooting"("Bottom line" and "Tips").

I strongly suggest that you take time to read the theory parts, as I hope that this knowledge will help troubleshoot even systems that I do not cover, but check back often for new articles.

This is still a very much under construction section (and probably always will be), but so far I have:

Refrigerators :

Absorption theory, which deals with the basic principal behind gas electric refrigerators.

Gas electric controls- the beginning of a refrigerator control page which deals with the basics of manual refrigerators.

Air Conditioners :

A/C theory- how an air conditioner keeps you cool.

A/C troubleshooting- what usually keeps an air conditioner from keeping you cool.

A/C water leaks- diagnosing and dealling with water leaks from the air conditioner.

Future pages are planned on LP ignition systems- electronic and manual, 12 volt systems, off-air and dish TV systems, and more.

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